Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video: Hillary Clinton Verbally Scours Pakistani Govt, Nukes at Stake if Pakistan Loses Control

From Denny: Hillary's bluntness was not exactly the hallmark of former quality diplomacy in diplomatic circles where they are accustomed to getting their egos massaged for doing nothing. The motto of "preening and not doing" is not the way of the new administration's State Department in America. Times have changed from the idiot Bush years and it was important to shock Pakistan into realizing how dire is their situation. The truth stings our egos. Better to get stung and live than hide, thinking we will survive this battle for the country.

While it is understandable the Pakistani people are shocked at such public bluntness and gave America some serious blowback in the press, they might want to consider another perspective. Pakistan and America have had eight years to get this problem of terrorists handled; both have failed miserably.

Pakistan fell into the same ego trap and made the same mistake America and every other country does at some point in their history: back some group because they too hate the group they are fighting. Then that foolish act turns around and bites them. In Pakistan's case, the very militants they backed against America have now turned on Pakistan. Why? They want those nuclear weapons and will not stop until they get them. Now, Pakistan is in for the fight of their lives to destroy the monster they created. Welcome to Big Boy Countries 101. It's imperative that Pakistan take back all control and cede not one inch of land or government control to the terrorists. Give them an inch and they will shoot you in your sleep; count on it.

For now, it's more important to the safety of the Pakistani people to protect themselves and for America and the rest of the world to help support them in their endeavor. Quit worrying about egos and the anger Pakistan had at Bush spilling over onto Obama. Obama is not Bush.

While in the Middle East memories are centuries long over this or that slight or major catastrophe, it's important to work with what we know right now and with the people we know. We must begin anew and build quality relationships of trust. It's time to quit the centuries long squabbling, America included, and get serious about learning how to live in Peace with each other. No one said we had to like each other, approve of each other or adopt each other's cultures. What we can do is be respectful that we all deserve to share the same planet.

Here she frankly discusses the past relationship of Pakistan and America as not always to the benefit of the Pakistani people. There is a real "trust deficit" on the part of Pakistan with America. She is working on repairing the relationship mess from past American administrations. It's like a wayward husband who is a serial cheater, saying, "But, baby, trust me one more time." The wife grows weary of getting her heart trounced. If there is anyone who understands how truly difficult it is to trust someone who has hurt you, it's Hillary Clinton whose husband, Bill Clinton, was publicly impeached over an affair. Pakistan's reticience is understandable. They will need to start spending some time to get to know the new America and then make their judgment about trust:

The first part of this video is similar to the above one but keep listening as Hillary offers more and they discuss Afghanistan too:

What Hillary is trying to impress upon Pakistan is the dire need to save their country. If the government is too weak to protect the nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of the terrorists, count on it that whomever feels the most threatened in the region of those nukes falling into the wrong hands will enter the battle, transforming both the terrorists and Pakistan into a footnote in history.
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