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Syria: How Long Can Assad Last? What Are World Leaders Doing To End Killings? 


The Social Poets: Rush Limbaugh: 3 Funny Colbert, Stewart Videos, Late Nite Jokes

The Social Poets: Rush Limbaugh Bleeding 3 More Advertisers Over Fluke Slut Slurs

Egypt: Revolution Loses Meaning As Women Denied Rights, Role in Society

Is Rush Limbaugh Rhetoric Reason for Violence Against Women In Military?

The Social Poets: GOP Slut and Pervert Rush Limbaugh Labels ALL Women Sluts



The Social Poets: Prayer Curse: Republicans Call For Obama Death

The Social Poets: More Empty Promises: Obama 2012 State of the Union Address

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Greek Debt Crisis 4 The World: Political Cartoons 8 May 2010

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