Saturday, October 31, 2009

Video: Hillary Clinton Verbally Scours Pakistani Govt, Nukes at Stake if Pakistan Loses Control

From Denny: Hillary's bluntness was not exactly the hallmark of former quality diplomacy in diplomatic circles where they are accustomed to getting their egos massaged for doing nothing. The motto of "preening and not doing" is not the way of the new administration's State Department in America. Times have changed from the idiot Bush years and it was important to shock Pakistan into realizing how dire is their situation. The truth stings our egos. Better to get stung and live than hide, thinking we will survive this battle for the country.

While it is understandable the Pakistani people are shocked at such public bluntness and gave America some serious blowback in the press, they might want to consider another perspective. Pakistan and America have had eight years to get this problem of terrorists handled; both have failed miserably.

Pakistan fell into the same ego trap and made the same mistake America and every other country does at some point in their history: back some group because they too hate the group they are fighting. Then that foolish act turns around and bites them. In Pakistan's case, the very militants they backed against America have now turned on Pakistan. Why? They want those nuclear weapons and will not stop until they get them. Now, Pakistan is in for the fight of their lives to destroy the monster they created. Welcome to Big Boy Countries 101. It's imperative that Pakistan take back all control and cede not one inch of land or government control to the terrorists. Give them an inch and they will shoot you in your sleep; count on it.

For now, it's more important to the safety of the Pakistani people to protect themselves and for America and the rest of the world to help support them in their endeavor. Quit worrying about egos and the anger Pakistan had at Bush spilling over onto Obama. Obama is not Bush.

While in the Middle East memories are centuries long over this or that slight or major catastrophe, it's important to work with what we know right now and with the people we know. We must begin anew and build quality relationships of trust. It's time to quit the centuries long squabbling, America included, and get serious about learning how to live in Peace with each other. No one said we had to like each other, approve of each other or adopt each other's cultures. What we can do is be respectful that we all deserve to share the same planet.

Here she frankly discusses the past relationship of Pakistan and America as not always to the benefit of the Pakistani people. There is a real "trust deficit" on the part of Pakistan with America. She is working on repairing the relationship mess from past American administrations. It's like a wayward husband who is a serial cheater, saying, "But, baby, trust me one more time." The wife grows weary of getting her heart trounced. If there is anyone who understands how truly difficult it is to trust someone who has hurt you, it's Hillary Clinton whose husband, Bill Clinton, was publicly impeached over an affair. Pakistan's reticience is understandable. They will need to start spending some time to get to know the new America and then make their judgment about trust:

The first part of this video is similar to the above one but keep listening as Hillary offers more and they discuss Afghanistan too:

What Hillary is trying to impress upon Pakistan is the dire need to save their country. If the government is too weak to protect the nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of the terrorists, count on it that whomever feels the most threatened in the region of those nukes falling into the wrong hands will enter the battle, transforming both the terrorists and Pakistan into a footnote in history.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Video: Prez Obama Takes Away Big Business 25 Year Wallet Candy

From Denny: If ever there was a wallet abyss the F-22 Raptor jet program was it. From the President Reagan era to the Bush-Cheney period it became nothing but a rewards program to Big Business donors that would not stop giving no matter how loud the howling of the American public. Well, finally, someone put a stop to any new planes being built: President Obama. It only took 25 years for a politician to be brave enough to deny the greedy monsters their wallet candy. They will finish up those planes in process; wonder how much that is still going to cost us. Now if Obama would just sign all lobbyists out of existence this country could jump out of debt in seconds...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video: American Soldier a Global Humanitarian Even in Death Thru Global Water Projects

From Denny: This American soldier, Army Captain Ben Sklaver, had been stationed in Uganda during their civil war. He decided to help the refugees and revive the local culture and economy by helping create fresh water projects. This success spilled over into creating more fresh water projects globally, even after his untimely death in this war. This is a truly heart-warming story!

His parents discuss in detail what drove their son to become a humanitarian:

More specifics about how he created his new dot org organization:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Video: Iran Opens Up Nuke Site

From Denny: OK, everyone, all together now... who really believes that Iran didn't already move house long before they opened the site to inspections? These guys think everyone is stupid but them. They are playing a very dangerous game with the world community.

They have a lot more than America and Europe to worry about harming them. The opposition party has finally figured out they will have to start assassinating the Iran leaders since the regime has proven they are willing to kill off the opposition so ruthlessly. Evidence of this new attitude was seen with the bombing of the security guards to the Guardian Council recently.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Video: What is the State of the American Economy?

From Denny: Two authors on the economy discuss the state of the American and global economies on Sunday's Meet The Press with David Gregory.

Video: Wealthcare for Billionaires Farce Musical Interrupts Insurance Industry Conference

From Denny: This is too funny! This group was protesting the health care industry's fight against the public option health care plan for Americans. They sure do have a way of mocking arrogant people that is so appealing!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Video: Twin Bombings in Iraq

From Denny: From the front lines of Baghdad, Iraq comes horrible news of at least 136 people killed from yet more senseless bombings that also injured hundreds. They were car bombs from suicidal terrorists targeting government buildings in Baghdad.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Editorial Cartoons over at The Social Poets 24 Oct 2009

From Denny: Help me celebrate The Social Poets one year blog anniversary by laughing at today's editorial cartoons of the week collected into one post. There is certainly plenty going on in American culture that the cartoonists are not short of issues to lampoon.

Editorial Cartoons This Week 24 Oct 2009 at The Social Poets, go here.

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22 Interesting Varied Blog Posts, 23 Oct 2009

Photo from Stripes Photography group on StumbleUpon - wonderful photo - if anyone knows the photographer, please pass it along so they can receive attribution...

From Denny: In case you missed a goodie, here are some of the best from all the blogs this past week, enjoy! Thanks for all your support, everyone, and have a great weekend too! XXOO, Denny

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Cool Video: Prez Obama Honored for Nobel in Sand Sculpture

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Busy Day at The Social Poets, Posts on Dan Browns Book The Lost Symbol and Obama

From Denny: There's so much going on with the news coverage about Dan Brown's new book, The Lost Symbol. He sure has tapped into the popularity of conspiracy theories and fast-paced mystery thrillers.

The Today Show both interviewed him and did some short news stories as clues for unraveling the mysteries in the book, great fun! Take a look.

Video: Interviewing Novelist Dan Brown on The Lost Symbol, Life as an Author, Masons

Video: Good Stories and Clues 1 to 4 for The Lost Symbol

Video: Dan Browns New Book The Lost Symbol

Video: The Lost Symbol - Secrets of the National Cathedral, Masons on Dollar Bill, Todays Masonic World Power

Video: Obama Talks About Womens Issues

*** Note: Post 2 of the day

Photo by lepiaf.geo @ flickr

Video: Americas Republicans Losing Support Even in Bad Economy

From Denny: Is it any surprise that the Party of No! continues to lose support among voters in spite of a bad economy, massive job loss, terrorism and more? The American people are in a world of hurt from what still amounts to a jobless recovery. Even those who find jobs do so at a 30% to 70% pay cut. As a result, many have had to file bankruptcy and had their homes foreclosed (20 million homes foreclosed and counting). Yet Wall Street is still out there awarding ridiculous bonuses even to middle level managers to the tune of $6 million each!

This video reports on the latest political poll for the midterm elections in 2010 and offers analysis of the why of the Republican voters erosion. Take a look:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheeky Quote Day! over at The Social Poets

*** Comedians like Jay Leno keep us laughing with a ready quip!

From Denny: In the mood for some hilarious Jay Leno quotes? Hike on over to The Social Poets for this week's Cheeky Quote Day! segment. If ever there is a cheeky guy Jay Leno is rated at the top.

For 35 Jay Leno Quotes, Cheeky Quote Day 21 October 2009, go here.

Here's a trio sampling:

* A Minneapolis company has come out with a credit card size shotgun that fits in your wallet. The inventor says he invented it to give people a sense of security. Oh yeah, what makes you feel more secure than sitting on a shotgun? Now how does this work? What's the first thing a thief steals? Your wallet, oh, now he's got your gun too!

* In California, 50 women protested the impending war with Iraq by lying on the ground naked and spelling out the word 'peace.' Right idea, wrong president. (George Bush was in office, not Bill Clinton.)

* Wait till these Enron guys find out that in prison, the term "Insider trading" has a whole new meaning.

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For 35 Jay Leno Quotes, Cheeky Quote Day 21 October 2009, go here.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cool Video: Prez Obama Honored for Nobel in Sand Sculpture

From Denny: This is an Oddball segment from Keith Olbermann's Countdown show. Since it's October we get to watch folks in Lincoln County, Maine smash huge pumpkins. They put the several hundred pound pumpkins on a crane high in the air and then drop them onto decommissioned old police cars. Sort of gives you some satisfaction for that speeding or parking ticket you felt you never deserved from whatever decade... :)

What's really cool is the incredible sand sculpture a world renowned sand artist in India did on a local beach in Puri, India recently. The artist is Sudarshan Patanaik and his sculpture is four feet high, depicting President Obama's head embedded in a Nobel Peace Prize medal with an accompanying dove and a message pro Peace. This man is quite the artist! So glad a film crew went out there and recorded it; maybe he will do a painting or print photo to sell as posters? Beautifully done as well as a political statement art.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cheeky Quote Day at The Social Poets, Funny Halloween Animation

Halloween: the only time of the year we can get away with acting "socially inappropriate," i. e., obnoxious! :)

From Denny: Make sure you get your silly Halloween seasonal laughs today reading Cheeky Quote Day over at The Social Poets!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Answer to Yesterdays Post about Whether Obama Deserved the Nobel, Note: Republican Death Threats to Bloggers Create Pushback

From Denny: What does a ticked off blogger do when issued death threats from the political opposition? Answer: Start a pack of blogs.

I won't be bullied by anonymous political war rooms of the Republican Party. Read this and stick it where the sun doesn't shine, old boys network:

16 Thoughtful Quotes From President Barack Obama, Why It Is Important to Stand Against the Republican Strategies

Funny Halloween Quotes, Halloween Cartoon

This is cute: instead of being known as the black sheep of the family this guy is known as the black sheet - it is Halloween! :)

From Denny: Tomorrow is Cheeky Quote Day! over at The Social Poets. I started researching funny Halloween quotes. Can I tell you there were very few of them? Quite surprising! I did find some great little jokes and funny ghost stories to share. Here's a sampling:


* I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween. – Charles Swartz

* Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain. - J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

* This Halloween the most popular mask is the Arnold Schwarzenegger mask. And the best part? With a mouth full of candy you will sound just like him. - Conan O'Brien

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Everyone is Wondering What the Nobel Peace Prize Committee Saw in President Obama

From Denny: Everyone's talking about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and, of course, the Republicans are jealous and as nasty as ever. It's just really bad form to publicly wonder out loud whether he deserves it or not, especially as a President at war. They certainly demanded the public get behind Bush while he was at war but, as usual for the hypocrite crowd, they do not extend the same respect and courtesy to a Democrat in the White House. It looks bad for a fellow American to criticize a sitting President who is trying to wind up their lousy wars.

Certainly, no Republican would ever receive such celebration as they are the guys who go around destroying world economies, trashing their own to put money in the pockets of a few individuals and start wars just because they are paranoid. All they relate to is chaos. So, all their idiotic posturing on the subject of whether Obama deserves this or that recognition just makes a case for the mental hospital option for them. I'm sure this week's upcoming political cartoons are going to be really interesting on the subject, so stay tuned and I'll put them up as soon as they are available.

As to does the President deserve the Nobel Peace Prize you have to examine a couple of things going on in American culture. For one thing, a couple of decades ago Americans first bought into the workaholic 60 - 80 work week of the Japanese in the early 1980's and the ensuing attitude of tangible accomplishments of "things." That dumbed down our thinking to the lowest level: concrete thinking. With an overtired work force it was easy for the Republican strategists to manipulate their frustrations.

Over time Big Business introduced business models that slowly eroded the American worker's hours (down to only 33 hours a week now), over-time pay, health benefits, and finally their very jobs by importing on work visas everyone else from around the world to replace us. The final insult was they sent our jobs overseas. While many on the top tier benefited financially, eventually it brought down the economy. After all, the American middle class is 75% or more of the economy; we literally feed the world. Not taking care of us hurt everyone. When you take away middle class buying power the economy comes to a halt. It was stupid of the greedy folks in business as all they did was kill off the flow of future sales for their products, putting themselves out of business eventually.

While I understand the need for trade with all other countries, you have to balance that with some reasonable protections for the American worker which the Republicans refused to institute. Now, the economy is in a world of hurt and will continue to limp along for many years to come.

Home foreclosures are approaching 20 million empty homes for sale that no one is buying. That’s quite a large inventory that will take a good decade or more to absorb. It really is foolish of the banks they way they have handled all of this. Kicking people out of their homes was never the answer; all they had to do was restructure the loan. Instead, now the banks are stuck with this huge choking inventory that is getting vandalized because no one is living there to prevent it. Many homes are falling into disrepair and have expensive mold issues, again lowering the value of their holdings. Greed and unwise practices cause this kind of mess.

The American middle class is waking up to a new world in this economy, shaking their heads, and saying, “Never again!” like it’s a battle cry. Expect the American middle class to get off credit since the credit card companies and banks are rapacious these days. Big Business actually believes they will be coming back. Think again! That profit ride is over!

What does all this have to do with whether Obama does deserve recognition for working toward Peace in the world? Plenty. It’s all about a paradigm shift in mindset for America and the world. He’s busy doing the dirty work of political clean-up for the Republicans who trashed our reputation and relationships worldwide with the bullying cavalier dictator attitude. He’s also busy cleaning up the damage done to the middle class. Without his efforts there would be no middle class any more as they would descend into despairing poverty never to recover.

Has Obama performed miraculous deeds? Are they tangible? You see, that’s the point. He is not a low level concrete thinker. He’s thinking critically. What he has accomplished is steering a change in attitude worldwide. People are slowly coming around to a willingness to once again work with each other instead of against each other. We have climate change upon us and it will take all of us to solve world issues as Mother Nature slams them at us.

What Obama has also accomplished with a better attitude is engagement and diplomacy, involving inclusiveness with our allies. His strategy of talking to America’s enemies has not changed the enemy. It rarely does change the mindset or position of the enemy. Rather it has upped the stakes for the enemy to prove their position is truthful and honorable. In Iran’s case they could not do so.

Engaging with enemies as a strategy also displays to those nations supporting or neighboring those rogue nations the full truth about them. When a nation can see on full display insanity and instability, it makes everyone nervous, even their friends, most notably when nuclear bombs are involved. Obama’s strategy is working especially well in regard to Iran, North Korea and Libya.

What Obama has done for the American economy by throwing money down the rabbit hole has actually helped it tread water and keep from spiraling down into a deep abyss. Instead of bleeding a million jobs a month as under Bush we are losing about 200,000 a month. Not great but not as horrendous. It would help if he killed the work visa program, forcing Microsoft and other Big Business to hire American workers for a change. It makes no sense to continue that program.

While it is early in Obama’s presidency for such an honor from the world community, and it is also evident it was a political slap to the Republicans and former President Bush in particular, it is notable there is change in the air. Is that not what his campaign slogan was all about: change? Hope, change the world, and Peace are all admirable goals for a life’s work. Congratulations, Mr. President.

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Video: President Obama Surprise Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

From Denny: This came as quite a shock to everyone, including the President! Of course, the Republicans just had to be nasty about it. Like what they have been supporting the past decade is worthy of note.

I do find it a bit odd Obama is known for Peace while he is fighting a two-front war. The reality is that he has engaged with former and current enemies in the hope of negotiating Peace. He is also trying to develop more considerate and therefore profitable relationships with all nations as much as possible. With global climate change upon us, humanity needs to get serious about figuring out how to adapt quickly. Squabbling and wars don't do much to help us all solve the problems facing us.

Congratulations, Mr. President! While this awesome award is a bit early in your Presidency before you have even hit your stride, let all Americans embrace it and work toward the ideals for a better world. Like Gandhi, a formidable peacemaker said, "Let yourselves be the change in the world you wish to see." After all, your campaign for President was all about the Hope of Change.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Video: President Obama Poll Numbers Improved

From Denny: Considering the ugly mood of the country over health care reform, the public has finally figured out it isn't about Obama but rather the Republicans and their lobbyist handlers. Republican pollsters are trying to downplay the fact they can't dig into Obama's approval. The more they oppose him with the nutjob antics then people turn away from identifying with the Republicans.

The largest growing political party in America are the Independents: disillustioned former Republicans who no longer identify with them but don't know enough about the Democrats to join them or identify with them. It would do the Democrats well to give them a number of reasons to join the team.

As to the political parties' approval ratings they are tepid at best. Until the Democrats, as a group, break out strong and get things done in Washington the public will not give them good approval ratings, in spite of the fact they really have a very weak control on Congress. The public wants their leaders in Washington to get serious about taking care of the public's needs and quit acting like juvenile suck-ups to the lobbyists who pour money into their re-election coffers. That is how they are all perceived.

It would do the Democratic leaders well in the House and the Senate to get out in front of the news every day by holding news conferences about what they are discussing for options on this health care reform. Leaving it to the press to give the public all the information hasn't worked, rather only contributed to misinformation and half-truths.

Video: Taiwan Drenched with Floods

From Denny: Now it's Taiwan to take Nature's hit for heavy rains and flooding, just after India experienced it. With all this severe weather all over the globe, especially flooding, it really does make a case for climate change. Melting Artic ice and the magnetic poles shifting could account for the weather severity. Any way you look at it, humanity must adapt and do so quickly.

As it is over a million people have been displaced by recent flooding in India. Over 500,000 in the Philippines have damaged homes. Constant flooding in America in the Midwest, South and Northeast, then fires in the West. The planet is screaming at us.

Video: Afghanistan War At One Year Anniversary

From Denny: This was quite the "anniversary" for the Afghanistan War, marked by plenty of statistics like America paying out over $5 billion a month, clips from the Bush years and the fact it's been eight years now. Something has to change; "fish or cut bait" as they say in the Amerian South!

Ideas on how to handle the war in Afghanistan from Vietnam War vet, former Senator Max Cleland:

Those for staying and those against the war while in the polls Americans are split over the Afghan War:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Video: Debate - Health Bill Versions Differ From House to Senate

From Denny: The Ed Show is always good; the man cuts the rhetoric out of the windbags and gets to the facts.

Video: 1st Video of Anne Frank

From Denny: This video is making the rounds at YouTube. It's the first ever seen footage of Anne Frank, recently released by the musuem. Her short life was a tragic one and yet millions of children have read her diary of what it was like as a Jew, trying to evade capture, hiding out from Nazis during WW II.

Cheeky Quote Day Over at The Social Poets 7 Oct 2009

From Denny: Every Wednesday is Cheeky Quote Day over at The Social Poets blog where I put up whatever crazy funny quotes I find for the week. This week the challenge was to find funny quotes about poetry. Let me tell you, that really turned out to be a challenge! Not too many poets have a great sense of humor! Fortunately, we can always count on funny guys like Oscar Wilde, Carl Sandburg, Robert Frost and Walt Whitman among others.

Here's a sampling of 5 quotes for you to enjoy:

* I could no more define poetry than a terrier can define a rat. - A. E. Housman

* If Galileo had said in verse that the world moved, the Inquisition might have let him alone. - Thomas Hardy

* Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality. But, of course, only those who have personality and emotions know what it means to want to escape from these things. - T.S. Eliot, Tradition and the Individual Talent, 1919

* Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese. - G.K. Chesterton

* There is the view that poetry should improve your life. I think people confuse it with the Salvation Army. - John Ashbery

To visit Cheeky Quote Day, go here.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Video: Drought Devastates Kenya, People Fighting to Stay Alive

From Denny: This is a most serious situation when the livestock are dying off at a rapid rate and farmers are struggling to stay alive. Did you know that Kenya has only had one week of rainfall since September 2008? No one can survive that. The animals are dying; how long before we see reports of the people following them?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Video: Meet The Press part 1, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice Calmly Boxes Gregory into Submission

From Denny: This was a Meet The Press that was worth the view all the way through the show. I usually find David Gregory weak as rainwater and a poor proponent of idiot and arrogant ambush journalism of which I have no use. What I'm looking for are real facts and an intelligent discussion - not the cat and mouse process of trying to force an interview to go the way you desire just to make someone look bad to boost your entertainment ratings. Not to worry. America's Ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, outboxed and outclassed him every step of the way in the most finesseful manner. She sure got my vote! :)

Usually, I don't stick around for the Roundtable discussions as it is Republican heavy and full of Washington insider blowhards that the rest of America and the world could care less about their priviledged opinions. This was the first time some of these guys made plausible, sane, even common sense and compelling arguments that didn't sound like they just got out of the mental hospital (with friends and relatives waiting in the wings ready to pounce and capture, stuffing them into a straight jacket for a return trip).

Video: Meet The Press, part 2, Democrat Maddow Pummels Republican Murphy into a Pout

From Denny: As usual, inside Washington they worry far too much about their own egos than they do about the welfare and job situation of the American people. Gregory tried to define President Obama as weak for trying for the Olympics and then losing. Emotionally mature people, that is, grown-ups, don't talk like that or fritter away their time thinking about it - but Gregory sure had to waste the time of his audience asking a question no one cared to hear except his merry band in the TV studio.

Rice's answer was a lesson in how to meet life even when it doesn't go your way: why would you criticize the President for standing up for and promoting his country abroad? How is that a weak position? Clearly, the Democrats are finally fine-tuning their stance and backing it up with a steel spine. Better late to the game than never showing up to take a stand.

Rice made a great point here that the United Nations is a body of 192 nations of which only a handful get negative press on a regular basis: Iran, Venezuela and Libya, the clowns of the global neighborhood. Basically, boiling down her answer and what she implied, is that no one in the world has enough money in their treasuries to "go it alone" like the naive Bush and Cheney strategy for handling all the many problems facing each country.

What a shame; they edited out Murphy looking pissy and giving the chic style of the cold shoulder to Maddow when she asked him why Palin asked the only White Supremacist author in America to be the co-author of her best-selling book on Amazon. Throughout the program Maddow constantly challenged Murphy which he clearly did not appreciate.

Maddow blindsided him with the truth and facts and he was uncomfortable. After all, he is the Bush author of "don't go anywhere or do anything unless you control the situation ahead of time." I read that as fear of the unknown and the inability to think well on your feet. Meet The Press is still a heavily endowed Republican centric program rather than an objective news show. Editing any clips where a Republican looks bad said it all.

Video: Meet The Press, part 3, Press Reaction Mostly Informative, Discuss Race in 2012 Against Obama

From Denny: This first video talks about the unemployment rate in America and how shocking it is compared to the Bush days is what they implied. First of all, the Bush crowd always lied about their numbers and "disallowed" the GAO from doing its job or publishing publicly their findings.

Bush and Cheney even tried to fire employees of the GAO and then later tried to dismantle the agency because they so hated anyone publishing the truth. Of course, what they never counted on were the CIA desk warriors constantly leaking facts to the press about the Bush and Cheney doings. The media chose to be Bush lapdogs and never ran with all the stories they were so conveniently fed.

So, to promote honest unemployment numbers of today as unusually high is dishonest. Last month over 265,000 Americans lost their jobs and the stat is closing in on 10%. During the last two years Bush bled jobs by the millions and yet his unemployment statistics were only moderate? Come one; who believes that fairy tale?

At the end of this video is some of the discussion where Maddow pummelled Murphy on Palin as a White Supremacist and he weaved and dodged and later what got edited was his pissy attitude and pouting:

This came after the show aired and is a web extra. They talked about Republican possibilities against Obama for 2012:

This is the program video in its entirety as a netcast:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

So Many Great Cartoons, So Little Time...

From Denny: Had a few great cartoons left over from my last posts this weekend here and on The Social Poets, enjoy!

My own L.S.U. won again this week, ranked at number 4 in the country for college football - GEAUX Tigers!

The Republicans are busy denying everyone health care this week...

What else is as good in life without the added fun of lampooning the nukes race?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 3 October 2009

From Denny:

Usually, I post these cartoons on Saturday at The Social Poets blog - so if you don't see them here just take a hike over there for some weekend grins... Every now and then - like this rainy day - I remember to share the love on all my other blogs, enjoy!


Cartoonists have been busy this week! So much in the news to lampoon - G20 meeting and protestors, swine flu fears, new "no texting while driving" law, Iran's empty promises about nuclear weapons, the current status of job seekers in America, trying to marry off Rush with the Truth but he won't have a shotgun wedding and President Obama juggling world affairs, two wars and vying for the 2016 Olympics to come to Chicago (they lost out to Brazil, congrats Brazil! South America has never hosted the Olympics.)

Swine Flu Fears - so powerful you no longer need a handgun in America...

Sad news of recent tragic deaths due to distraction from texting while driving prompted a new federal law to prohibit it:

The latest pastime trend to find meaning in life among jobseekers:

The latest desperation among job seekers to find any or full time employment. These days big companies like Exxon only employ people for up to 32 hours so they don't have to pay them any benefits. Even the U.S. Post Office does the same; only 4% of them are full time employees:

These two cartoons talk about how much the President has on his plate:

This one depicts how the Democrats and the President are beginning to look like they are attempting to take on too much in the field of multi-tasking and starting to look ridiculous.

Well, I guess, someone has to make up the work load that President Bush and Cheney sloughed off because they went to bed early and vacationed for a month at a time on a whim. The government started grinding to a halt so I guess the Dems have to speed things up just to make up lost ground:

Then there's everyone's favorite: Iran. They always seem to have a surprise-in-a-box or so they believe themselves to be that clever.

Loved the Kooky Jar one as it sums up the world belief system about the ruthless crass leaders of Iran. You have 7th century hearts and minds in charge of nuclear energy. Are you kidding? That's like asking a three-year-old to play with matches near a gas jet.

The one of the Secretary of State says it all about how Iran continues to screw over world leaders with deception after deception after lie after lie.

The G20 meeting of world leaders and their protestors, opinion of big banks:

While the world of truth-tellers keep trying to marry off the liars in a shotgun wedding...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Video: Updates on Disasters in Samoa and Indonesia, Hurricane Headed to Philippines

This is the grim reality of massive natural disasters. We all have heavy hearts for the victims:

And threatening the Philippines after their recent flooding disaster affecting 500,000 people is a hurricane on the move and headed their way:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Video: Earthquakes, Flooding, Tsunamis, Hurricanes Intensify Global Problems Affecting Millions

From Denny: Natural disasters are affecting humanity everywhere on the globe. America has been dealing with raging fires out West, flooding in the South and Midwest. China is also known for heavy flooding. Indonesia faces high level earthquakes, the Philippines saw excessive flooding of over 500,000 people displaced from their homes - and with no insurance to repair them. Australia has unusual intense dust storms choking the air so thick people are in respiratory distress. Greenland's ice, as well as the Artic and Antartic's glacial ice are all melting, raising the world's oceans. Clearly, something serious is going on with this planet.

While we hear that 2012 is supposed to be a pivotal point in the Earth's history according to the Mayans and other ancient cultures, you have to wonder if there is something here. It does make you wonder that to explain all this intense weather would be because the Earth is still in the process, and maybe has been in the process for the past 20 years, of shifting its magnetic poles. Maybe the reason 2012 was cited specificially is to either warn us that is the date the Earth's weather will be its most violent or to advise us that is the date all will finally calm down and subside. OK, who's with me on voting for the second choice?

We on the American Gulf Coast in Louisiana and Mississippi have not forgotten the kindnesses from the beautiful people in Indonesia when Hurricane Katrina hit here five years ago. Our hearts and prayers go out to all of you and your families and neighbors experiencing such hardship. It's time like this adversity when people need to let go of religious, racial, national and political differences and step up to help each other.

Radio show host was tsunami eye witness:

This is just horrific what is happening in the Pacific region, with an underwater earthquake clocked at 7.6 on the Richter scale. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone in Indonesia.

The Red Cross is working feverishly trying to rescue people out of the rubble.

Videos: Hidden Bank Practices Regarding Deceptive Fees

From Denny: This will get your blood boiling fast for sure! Educate yourself how to handle your banking relationship as American and European banks work overtime to make the consumer pay for the bank's bad investment choices.

Note: Royal Bank of Scotland took bailout money from two countries - America and the United Kingdom and then had the nerve to tell everyone they were refusing to loan any money to the same taxpayers, preferring to apply the bailout money to its profit line.

There are several videos on this subject to give you an overview of how the banking trend has been developing for some time and appears to not to be going away any time in this generation unless the public gets serious about pushback.

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Why are banks raising their fees? This was reported 17 July 2009 and explains the banking position which Americans are so angry about getting caught in like a vice grip:

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This was reported at the beginning of American ire against the banks right after the taxpayer bailouts infuriated everyone:

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This video goes all the way back to 10 June 2005, discussing bank fees. Note that this is about 10 months after Hurricane Katrina hit, causing economic devastation that reveberated throughout the economy. Banks have been getting to the consumer for five years now!

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Note: The reason I use NBC News and CNN videos the most is that they do a better job than CBS News by taking care of their links and keep the stories up longer. Apologies to anyone who finds sometimes these two older CBS videos might not work.
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