Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fleecing America: Political Hypocrites Drenched in Stimulus Money

From Denny: Don't you just love those political hypocrites? They voted against the President's stimulus bill, criticize it and then quietly write the Department of Transportation demanding their piece of the pie.

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Former Congressman criticizes the hypocrisy from his own party as much as he does the stimulus bill:

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This Congressman is a real piece of artwork. He criticizes the stimulus bill but demands his piece of the pie. His reasoning is odd. He complains future generations will have to shoulder the financial burden yet brings the monies into his state.

Its this attitude about getting someone else to shoulder the expenses that got this country into such a mess in the first place. Republicans advocated destroying a centralized government that was sharing the risks and spreading the wealth, creating a thriving middle class. They claimed to cut federal taxes when actually they raised them on the middle class.

In essence, Bush and Cheney threw all the burdens to the state, forcing the states and cities to raise taxes for what were once freebies from the federal government for services - like this stimulus bill. This is an election year where the rallying taxpayer cry will be "Throw the bums out!" We have all had enough of conniving hypocrites.

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Here's the link to see how your politicians voted on the stimulus and if they sent letters demanding their piece of the pie:

How your member of Congress voted on the stimulus

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