Thursday, January 14, 2010

Current State of Haiti 2 Days After Quake

From Denny: Things are still in terrible chaos in Haiti and 3 million people are in distress, lacking for food and water, as well as medical attention. Many injuries are traumatic crush injuries from concrete buildings falling upon them, causing amputations to those who survived the earthquake and were successful at being dug out by strangers who dug with their bare hands to help.

The whole world continues to mobilize, bringing supplies and doctors for their aid. The problem is that it's a small airport and not enough people to help off load the supplies. Planes circle waiting to land. When the U.S. military gets here they will be able to take command of the airport and staff it around the clock like they did during Hurricane Katrina. Without their efforts many more people would have died. Until then, those relief workers that were already in the country are doing the best they can with what little they have to work with for the moment.

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