Saturday, April 24, 2010

Greedy Opportunistic Wall Street: Political Cartoons, Opinion Post - 24 April 2010

From Denny: Wall Street continues to trumpet it's record MULTI BILLION DOLLARS PROFIT QUARTERS in business after business. Gasoline consumption is way down yet the prices remain high. The President and Congress have done absolutely NOTHING to help the middle class in this area.

They are dragging their feet thinking the average person can keep waiting. Politicians seem to forget the public has been waiting since the last two years of the Bush-Cheney administration when the economy was tanking and millions of jobs were lost and not replaced. Congress and this White House do not appear to possess a sense of urgency because it is not in their face. This White House spends far too much time coddling the Republicans when they should be paying attention to the public needs - not the bankers on Wall Street who created this economic mess in the first place.

These idiot waiting periods like Congress did for the credit card legislation set off an 18 month nightmare for the middle class - forcing a large number of people into bankruptcy. Now Congress has a waiting period for the new health care bill and the health insurance companies have already hit with their first salvo.

Now health insurance companies are outright denying further health insurance to any women who have had breast cancer and surgery. They targeted these women purposefully. They are now telling women they will have to pay for their own surgeries. I suppose this White House - and whoever his really bad advisors are - will tell the President again to not interfere and tame Big Business. This is an outrage. Women and children continue to be classified as second class citizens in this country because Big Business knows there is no one to stop them.

Am I the only blogger or journalist going balls to the wall for the middle class? Does any one seem to care thousands of people are committing suicide, breaking up their marriages, losing their businesses and their homes over financial stresses? There is far too much complacency from the media on the state of the middle class. Right now the middle class has no champion fighting against the odds. Whatever happened to the kind of good character people who used to be part of the media and "challenge the powers that be"? Whatever happened to integrity and courage in this country - especially from the media?

Here's hoping for some decent financial reform instead of the usual weak response from Congress...

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