Friday, July 9, 2010

Placing New Posts Over At The Social Poets

From Denny: The way the online world has changed so much in the past year it's time to pare back down to just a few blogs. Most people find a blogger through search engines, social sites and blog or rss directories now.

There is so much great news going on that it's just plain easier to place post drafts all in one place when I'm grabbing research and links to write a post. I've experimented the past year with various themes and niche only blogs. Consistently, The Social Poets ranks the highest, against the odds of what all the SEO guys preach.

It's primarily an American Politics news blog with lots of humor in the way of funny videos and funny quotes - and a little poetry, making it a general blog. Rather than keep dividing my traffic I thought I'd experiment again and consolidate the traffic all in one place.

I'll still do roundup posts for the week so it's easier on the reader to check out the links as opposed to plodding through the blog's archive.

I'm leaving up this blog as an archive. Why spoil all those wonderful links littered all over the internet? I'll still use this world photo on The Social Poets so you can recognize it's a "news headlines" post.

Google and the other search engines keep changing their requirements and bloggers have to keep jumping through hoops. Who knows? If the web world changes yet again then I'll adapt yet again. :) Such is life in the fast lane.

I'll be writing on people in the news like celebrities, American politics, world politics and much more. Come check out the The Social Poets:!

Today's news post at The Social Poets: Scummy Senators Aide Offers Pay For Access, Those Russian Spies, Oldest Living Person - News Headlines 9 July 2010

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