Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kagan Takes Hits From GOP For Not Being Christian Enough - News Headlines 1 July 2010

*** Greed Over Principle Republicans scorn Elena Kagan for being a Jew at Supreme Court nominee hearings.

Supreme Court nominee hearings for Elena Kagan

From Denny: Elena Kagan has conducted herself quite well considering the snake pit into which her short little legs walked. Nonplussed, she sat herself down, practically dangling her legs off the chair, and proceeded to take all comers in the political drama onslaught. The woman is a warrior with a good sense of humor as a character plus.

She basically walked the same talking lines as now Chief Justice Roberts had been instructed to do by his Republican handlers. So, shame on the Republicans if they are fit to be tied angry that she took their lead and mirrored their game plan.

The GOP really looked bad, doing their usual KKK style stomp dance on the head of a woman. The worst came when bigoted South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham repeatedly asked Kagan exactly where she was on Christmas Day when the shoe bomber was caught like it was as important to know like remembering where you were on 9/11.

She looked surprised - and blindsided - as to why he wanted to know that answer. He slouched into his chair, leaning far left onto one elbow, hand propped on his cheek, beady eyes like a crouched snake ready to strike and repeated the question in a smug tone like the Spanish Inquisition, "Just where were you on Christmas Day?" Kagan finally answered, "I guess I was like every other Jew in America, eating Chinese take out." The whole room erupted in laughter.

Sen. Graham had made his point as a conservative so-called Christian: she wasn't in church worshiping Jesus. This man made himself look bad for being so very petty. He also made other Christians look bad.

When you denigrate another person's religion you especially cause others to lose respect for your own religion. Shame on you, Sen. Graham. You are a black eye on the name of Christianity. The whole point of Christianity is to develop love for others. Jesus never said, "Only love those with whom you agree and approve." He just said, "Love." Mr. Graham you have failed that test woefully.

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