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Libya Update and 23 Political Cartoons - 5 Mar 2011

Muammar al-Gaddafi Mouammar Kadhafi _DDC6339Image by Abode of Chaos via Flickr

From Denny:  Today in the port city of Zawiya, Libya, fierce fighting between rebel forces and Gadhafi (Kadafi, Qadaffi) loyalists killed scores while Gadhafi was embattled on many fronts throughout the country. Gadhafi threw tanks, bombs and militia at the rebels in Zawiya where at least 40 people died early this morning.

Zawiya is west of the capitol city of Tripoli where Gadhafi is headquartered, his stronghold, considered the rebel forces' prize to capture. Currently, Zawiya is littered with bodies of the brave not properly trained or equipped to sustain such an assault. And yet the rebels still hold much of the town which Gadhafi considers too close for comfort.

Gadhafi claims portions of the city under his control. The local hospital is overwhelmed and Gadhafi has been firing upon the ambulances as they try to help the wounded or remove the dead from the streets.

Rebel forces are made up of teachers, fishermen, former military, all with a passion to take control of their country. It's an uphill battle which they are willing to give their lives to accomplish. Fighting could go on for months unless the military is willing to quit supporting Gadhafi and his sons.

The situation grows more desperate in Libya as Gadhafi thugs occupy the mosques, preventing the people from speaking their minds. Gadhafi's militia is also going door to door to ferret out anyone they think is against the government. Already, people are being arrested just for suspicion. Relatives do not know where their loved ones are taken or if they still live after being taken away in the middle of the night in this ruthless police state.

Meanwhile, America and the rest of the international community deliberates as to the best course of action to remove him from power should the rebels not be strong enough to finish the job.  A no-fly zone is finally considered but will it be one as defensive to fire upon Libyan jets?  Will it just be NATO jets in the area to fly nearby as a warning to Gadhafi not to bomb civilians?

The United Nations is moving to gather humanitarian aid should this be a sustained civil war.  While the U.N. suspended Libya from the Security Council, word is the U.N. placed Iran on the Women's Rights Council.  Does the news get any more weird when International Women's Day is just around the corner on 8 March 2011?

Please remember the women in these war torn countries of the Middle East as their governments are in transition. In time of economic chaos and civil war it is always the women who are most at risk.

John Sherffius

Bill Day

Paul Szep

Michael Ramirez

Rob Rogers

Chip Bok

Jack Ohman

Jack Ohman

Robert Ariail

Robert Ariail

Michael Ramirez

Henry Payne

Robert Ariail

Jack Ohman

Rob Rogers

Lisa Benson

Gary Markstein

Jeff Stahler

Clay Bennett

Dana Summers

Rob Rogers

Gary Varvel

Steve Sack

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