Monday, March 21, 2011

Libya Update: No-Fly Zone Allies Pound Gadafi Forces Over Weekend

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From Denny:  Once the United Nations and The Arab League agreed to a no-fly zone late last week, they wasted little time in implementing it. That has to be the fastest the United Nations has ever moved to agreement or action to help a besieged people.

From the sea over 100 miles away, the UK and America lobbed cruise missiles at Gadafi installations, most especially his air defense ones. After all, if you are going to send up French and American planes to enforce the no-fly zone you first have to take out the military capability of Gadafi to fire upon them.

While America claims to only be part of the operation it is clear we are the majority of it during the first few days of establishing air superiority over Libya. Of the 136 cruise missles launched, only eight were from the UK, the rest were American.

There were over 30 air strikes, again, mostly by Americans. I don't know why France was not the lead here since Gadafi is their Problem Child they enabled for four decades.  They should be the ones to deal with him.

Fortunately, it was the French who did take the lead, aggressively calling for a coalition to do this No-Fly-Zone in Paris last week while President Obama hesitated, much like he did on Egypt.  The new Egyptian government is not too thrilled with Obama as they feel he did not help them enough in the early days when they cried out for world leadership to come to their aid.

There was a cease fire called by Gadafi on Friday which he never honored. He continued moving aggressively upon his people, the rebel strongholds, to destroy and kill every one of them.  Gadafi had just about succeeded in taking back almost all of the rebel held towns when the U.N. coalition finally acted to counter his aggressive military that was slaughtering the untrained rebels.

For now, Gadafi is somewhat contained, at least by air, where he can no longer launch missiles against his people for mass killings. Gadafi is still vicious and vindictive, willing to send ground troops in to do his bidding. He also has ordered military troops to take off their uniforms and pretend to be civilians, stationing them in areas he does not want bombed.

Gadafi is so busy running misinformation campaigns and misdirection it makes a person wonder if he and his family members are busy gathering up their belongings and monies to steal quietly out of the country unnoticed.

When will Gadafi be gone? He may already have fled the country. Surely, Gadafi was rattled by the bombing of his personal compound.  Take a look at Gadafi's compound and just how bad it looks:

The rebels have demanded that the coalition NOT take out Gadafi.  Thank you very much but they would like the pleasure of achieving that glorious act themselves.

From CNN for more details: U.S. official: Gadhafi's momentum stopped

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