Sunday, October 23, 2011

Libya: To World Leaders Calling For Gaddafi Death Investigation, Forget About It

From Denny:  The entire world from the Western and Middle Eastern countries, in the form of NATO, the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the European Union all worked together with the Libyan rebels to defeat and rid the world of a terrorist and a tyrant.

Now, suddenly, world leaders are calling for an investigation into his death? You have got to be kidding me.  Just what do they hope to accomplish with that maneuver?  It's ridiculous.

The Libyan rebels invested eight months of personal bloodshed and economic hardship to track down this corrupt and vicious leader who tortured his own people.  There are photos of his corpse and video of his last moments before probably ticking off someone with his smart mouth, enraging them and so they shot him at point blank range.

From Sarah Leah Whitson of Human Rights Watch:  "Finding out how he died matters.  It will set the tone for whether the new Libya will be ruled by law or by summary violence."

That logic does not hold true.  That's like saying when the American Revolution happened that the new America would continue to kill off Brits.

Any time there is this level of oppression of a people you will get these uprisings.  The people called to arms were shopkeepers, students, housewives and cab drivers in this Libyan revolt.  They are not violent in their everyday lives and this time period was an exception for them.

They will return to those peaceful occupations.  While there are the occasional exceptions of people who went to war that develop a blood lust, it is not the rule.  And it will not be the rule here.  There is no credible reason to expect it.

Demanding an investigation into the particulars of Gaddafi's death is like asking who killed Satan.  Who cares?  The Libyans sure don't.  They are just glad he is finally gone.

The rebels left Gaddafi's body on display to the public for a psychological reason.  The message was clear: You no longer have anything to fear.  They now know they do not have to keep looking over their shoulders wondering when he and his henchmen would come in the night.

But here's another reason why not to pursue this investigation.  By parading the actual killers before the world's cameras, and naming names, all the West would accomplish is to set off tribal warfare that could negate all the rebels have accomplished by uniting the people against Gaddafi and his atrocities.  Duh.

The transitional government is already organizing and should be set within 30 days.  They are aiming for elections to take place in eight months.

The Libyan people have just accomplished the virtually impossible.  They suffered and waited for 42 years for this moment.  Don't deny them their relief.

Just what about the proverb "Let sleeping dogs lie" don't American, Western and Middle Eastern leaders not understand?

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