Thursday, October 27, 2011

Libya: Jon Stewart Comments on Celebrating Gaddafi Death

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 18:  Executive pro...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeFrom Denny:  Only Jon Stewart could send off Gaddafi with a Big Bang out of this world.  He likens Gaddafi to the death of the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz.

You watch the striped legs with fire engine red shoes suddenly withdraw and disappear under the house - that was dropped onto said naughty witch - and then the witch vanishes in the famous Hollywood magic.

So it is with Gaddafi vanishing off the world stage.  Actually, he was also mocking the media for telling viewers about how graphic were the death photos of Gaddafi so Stewart had a little fun with this idea.

Moving right along, Stewart changes over to giving advice to dictators in his segment:  Offers Strongmen His Dic-Tip.  Come on; all American male comics love penis jokes and never fail to include them in every show.  Of course, nothing like rightfully comparing dictators to Dick Heads - or Richard Craniums for the sensitive crowd.

Stewart offers advice to dictators that when on the run perhaps it just might be a good idea to avoid hiding out in holes in the ground like Saddam Hussein did.  Then, again, if you are as fast as The Roadrunner on the cartoon series then give it your best shot.

After all, when you rape and torture a whole lot of folks, eventually they are going to get angry, fight back and hunt you down.  "By the way," Jon offers, "guys with guns will be checking out all the holes in the ground."

Stewart launches into a funny rundown of how dictators are eccentric and just plain strange along with ridiculous egos.  Would you want to be gifted with a watch that has the face of Gaddafi on it?  Like you would want to stare at that all day.  Yes, that was one of Gaddafi's fav marketing tools as dictator.

Gaddafi was also known as a hypochondriac that refused to climb more than 35 steps at one time.  Like Jon asks, "What disease, exactly, is triggered on the 36th step?"

And, who could forget this one:  Gaddafi kept a photo album plastered with too many images of Bush's former Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice.  Now that IS stranger than strange.  Color Gaddafi into the Hall of Weird corner.

Stewart also rounds up the news clips of the GOP dissing President Obama and congratulating the French and the British for having destroyed Gaddafi.  The GOP is forever out there in the media trying to sell the lies and disrespect the Democrats for finally getting their foreign policy right.

Like Stewart says, "What is wrong with you people?"  The Libyan people did it for themselves with the help of America and Middle Eastern countries too.

Check out just how funny Jon is as he comments upon world news, the weird GOP and the weirder dictator flavors of the moment:

No'Amor Qaddafi

News of Muammar al-Gaddafi's death gives rise to celebratory gun shooting, victory slogan chanting and baby throwing in Libya, but Republicans have a different reaction.

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