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Has Blogger, Now Owned By YouTube, Been Hacked By Islamic Cyber Attacks?

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From Denny:  Looks like Blogger ( has been hacked for high traffic blogs.  Good thing I have plenty of low traffic blogs (22) from which to post. :)

Found my politics blog The Social Poets ( has been redirected here whenever I land on the site:  It lists as the site:  Who the hell are these guys???!

Fortunately, none of my other 22 blogs are getting redirected.

Went to Blogger help area and there are tons of angry people with similar and related issues.  Hey, IT guys, what's going on?  Aftermath of 9/11 attacks - this time cyber?  There is no sense in posting on my politics blog, The Social Poets, until this issue is cleared up - and it's been going on for days now.  Looks like I will have to utilize my other 22 blogs for posting.  Judging by the scope of the cyber attack I'd say the Russians and the Chinese have used this terrorist cyber attack as an excuse to double down on their cyber attacks as well.  Oh, the international intrigue.

Considering the fact that some Israeli idiot posted an anti-Islamic hatred movie on YouTube last week, pissing off vandalizing mobs in several countries, it does look like terrorists went after YouTube.  To add fuel to the fire that fool "pastor" (Terry Jones) in Florida announces publicly his support of the hate movie.  Definitely, stupid on steroids.  It's nothing but a global battle of the conservative Islam and Christian extremists.  

Of course, terrorists celebrated the 9/11 anniversary with well coordinated attacks on Western embassies wherever they found an easy target.  They added this idiot hate movie as additional garbage to fan the flames of hate against the West in order to develop more interest for violence on the 9/11 anniversary.  

I'm sure they were hoping to start gaining new recruits to their violent cause since they have been losing people in droves.  After all, why sign up for suicide?  Why sign up to fight for over a decade, having nothing but stress, only to see your friends and family carry on their lives, get married and have children?  Living your life in constant hiding, looking over your shoulder, is just no sane way to live.

The terrorists are boasting about killing a well loved American ambassador to Libya.  Ambassador Chris Stevens worked hard for the Libyan people to give them a better life and better government.  There are those who will miss him in that country.  No amount of idiot violence and terrorism will ever change their hearts.

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Egypt's new government was only too willing to allow mobs to attack the U.S. embassy, voicing support for them publicly and internationally.  They quickly backed off mob support when an angry President Obama called and reminded them about what money they would no longer receive:  like to the tune of $2 billion.  

Why we send any money to Egypt now is beyond reason, especially when the Egyptian people are begging us not to support this thief government.  Egypt's new conservative Islamic government stole the national election, ignores the pleas of the revolution protesters, shackles women to the ancient past and thumbs their noses at America.  

America needs to seriously re-think our policy of how we interact with such hostile governments.  Did it ever occur to this White House that Egypt's President Morsi is using American funds to buy off the military in order to replace them with his even more despicable and worse hard-liners?  It's a double insult.

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