Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Truth Journal: Obama Legacy At Risk? Thuggish Justice Dept Needs Reform?

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A Truth Journal: Obama Legacy At Risk? Thuggish Justice Dept Needs Reform?: From Denny:  It's no wonder there now exist 300 million guns owned in America since terrorism struck in 2001.  People are afraid of outside terrorists, desperate to protect themselves and their families.

Americans now feel threatened by and afraid of their own government.  Just check out the latest Pew Research poll where the majority feel the federal government threatens their personal rights.

Do they have good cause since the erosion of individual rights, freedoms, civil rights and privacy taken away under the last two administrations, courtesy of the Justice Department, all because of the War on Terror?

It's the general perception in America that our Justice Department is heavy-handed in its prosecution of cases.  OK, the perception is that it persecutes people, not prosecutes.  Clearly, there needs to be a top-down review from an outside consultant, preferably a team of investigators.

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