Thursday, November 26, 2009

Secret Service Blew It On State Dinner Security

From Denny: Two party crashers thought it would be funny to crash the Presidential state dinner. Somehow, I'm not amused. My first question would be "OK, who did the party crashers bribe?" If not an aide to the President or a Secret Service agent were the ones helping these two jerks get into the White House, then someone was asleep on the job. I don't know which is worse: total opportunistic sleaze or gross incompetence. And, if none of those situations, then the only remaining possibility is there are too many cavalier Republicans in the Secret Service that don't take it seriously to protect this President. It does make you wonder...

What is funny about this is that a newsman, anchorman Brian Williams of NBC, happened to be among the 300+ invited guests and even he figured out there was something hinky going on. Which again, makes you wonder why the Secret Service did not also figure out the same as a mere civilian managed to do:

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