Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Videos: Prez Obama Veterans Day Remembrances, Fort Hood Honors Those Not Forgotten

From Denny: Today is Veterans Day in America. While President Obama remembers on a national level there is a small town near Fort Hood, Texas that honors their troops every day. After the act of domestic terrorism from a psychiatrist who suffered a psychotic break to kill or wound many on base, the soldiers carry on their lives. They are not broken; they are not afraid. They chose to come out today and honor their own.

Please take a quiet pause today, remembering those who have fallen and those who have served this country and your country as well over many generations, whether we agree with a particular war or not. Too many honorable people have died down the centuries for dishonorable and dishonest politicians and monarchs. People who give their lives in battle or service are a testament to the quality of a country’s character. Thank you…

*** Since it's Veterans Day here are two articles written on the related subjects of War, Remembrance and Peace:

Great Peace Quotes with Great Photos

Quest for Peace

“Mankind must not only seek Peace. We must pursue it with all the deeply felt sincerity of our hearts. We must pursue Peace with the diligent work of our hands every day in every relationship we know. Peace comes a little at a time, rippling outward until one day it touches and convinces all.” – Denny Lyon, 3 March 2009

Memorial Day Poems

War Affects Us All

Let the old men who send the young men to war stop and think long, and work harder for Peace, before affecting generations yet to come. Poems written about the reality of war from family, children, citizens, soldiers and medical personnel.

At my photo blog, Visual Insights:
14 Veterans Day Remembrance Photos

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