Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Video: Prez Obamas First State Dinner Rocks the White House

From Denny: Prez Obama has been making headlines for his first state dinner. The relationship with India has been tenuous since Obama came into office. India has taken offense at not being treated as a first string player in the global debate as they felt they were during the Bush years.

While I don't think President Obama intentionally meant to bruise India's feelings he was ill advised. Rather than follow exactly what his advisers thought he should have first sent a team to speak to the leadership and get a pulse on their attitudes. If he did send someone then they are not very good at reading people. The information Obama was given by his past administration's advisers was outdated in regards to India to say the least. "The times they are a changing."

Generally, these are the minute mistakes of a first year President; they all do something to this effect. These are the missteps which can easily be corrected to everyone's satisfaction and President Obama is a gracious man capable of carrying it forward.

India is a rising global power with one billion of the planet's population. Did you also know they are the largest world democracy as well?

The Obama state dinner was a hot ticket in status hungry Washington, D. C., especially since the Obamas featured both Hollywood and Bollywood for the rocking entertainment.

The incredible gesture from India to create a stunner dress for the First Lady was touching to American's hearts.

The awesome stunner dress made in India by an Indian designer for the Obama's first state dinner. Everyone was wowed by the First Lady's entrance:

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