Sunday, February 21, 2010

Funny Colbert Interviews Erickson, Head of Conservative

From Denny: If you missed this cheeky interview last month you are in for a grin! Erick Erickson - please tell me that's a nickname and not what his parents really named him - is the head and main writer for ultra conservative This guy used to be a lawyer and it's evident as to why he wasn't any good at it and is writing for conservatives online full time.

They discuss the crazy notion of a Republican Purity Test to see if you get to remain in the Republican Party. It isn't a private club, guys, it's called politics. You know, there are 300 million people in this country, all with the right to be represented.

The quote of Erickson saying that he thought "there were a lot of Republicans calling themselves as conservatives who weren't actually conservatives" to be a bit weird. Right now in the Republican Party they are busy defining what is a conservative. Of course, there are as many interpretations as there are members.

Colbert basically mocks Erickson's writing online that mocks liberal public figures. Then Colbert calls him out to say the same charges in person, face to face, instead of hiding behind the anonymous website. Erickson squirmed a bit on that one, then tried to shrug it off with "the usual suspects" smirking.

Do the Republicans have a special school everyone goes to with a voucher to learn how to smirk, sneer and mock effectively? Erickson doesn't come across as terribly smart - just thuggish and cavalier - the usual caricature of the current day Republican. We could be doing something so much better with our politics than this sorry excuse...

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