Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tepid Blowback of Hamas Leader Assassination

From Denny: Well, I could practically smell the Israelis on the hunt to assassinate someone. Turns out it was a deserving Hamas international terrorist. Too bad they weren't hunting the Iranian leaders who are executing innocent protesters. Guess those guys are next on the hit list. I wonder what priority they get?

Meanwhile, the British government is making all the appropriate noises to appease the outraged citizens whose identities were poached to give the assassins cover to get into the country where the target thought himself to be safe. Surely, no Israeli could or would set foot there. Yeah? Uh, remember the old Nazi hunters? Those guys hunted in packs for decades to hunt down all the concentration camp commandants who terrorized their people. Now, this generation of dedicated assassins are their descendants. The Israelis are on the move.

Check out the barely concealed smiles of most of the British government officials interviewed. Watch a few episodes of the TV show "Lie to Me" and you too will start to develop a BS detector much like mine of a lifetime. They look like they are terribly delighted with the Israelis for having succeeded. The current British government really ought to hire better actors who at least can act sincerely concerned. After all, this whole international effort operation was easy for the Brits; all they had to do was provide the passports - and the Israelis literally did the heavy lifting. Look out, Iran; you're next...

While I'm not the biggest fan of government assassinations, sometimes you just have to deal with society's worst psychopaths like international terrorists. They are insane and out of control. Why allow a few dangerous people to ruin our quality of life and freedom?

Raw film footage of the assassins stalking their target, hunting like a pack:

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British outrage at identity theft for assassins' covers:

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