Friday, February 26, 2010

Beyond the Olympics: Canadas Strong Sense of Duty Beyond Self

From Denny: Canada's population - in such a vast country - is only 34 million compared to its southern neighbor America of 300 million. Canada is a place where a strong sense of duty toward others, once called small town values in America, still prevails.

Many Americans are unaware of how much Canada has worked shoulder to shoulder with us over the decades. American media also has done a lousy job of covering consistent news about Canada - so much so that Americans have no clue about their neighbor to the North unless they live along the border.

Fortunately, since Canada has hosted this Winter Olympics, American news crews have been crawling all over the place to find out "just who are these people called the Canadians?" Well, it's about time, guys! This news segment was a wonderful tribute to the military who have served with our military. What is also notable is the public who acknowledge and respect their sacrifices. Take a look:

Canada's strong sense of military duty and sacrifice:

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Last Canadian World War I Veteran, John Babcock, Dies:

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