Monday, February 21, 2011

Egypt: Protesters New Agenda: Overthrow Interim Government

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From Denny: What's been going on in Egypt since the protesters won? They cleaned up Tahrir Square and went back to work and school. With the Army leading the interim caretaker government, emotions still run high and so does the uncertainty of the country's future.

The world thought everything was settled and the country had decided upon a temporary course. Why the march? The democracy activists believe the interim government retained far too many old familiar faces from the Mubarak regime.  They just don't trust them to deliver a true democracy to the people.

Tuesday of Challenge March 

Online organizers are calling the rally "Tuesday of Challenge." They hope to gather a million strong. The protesters desire to put pressure, and keep up the pressure, on the current Army-regent administration, leading until an election can be held. They plan yet another march on Friday too.

They say their slogan this week of marches is "The people want the overthrow of the regime." You can't get any more clear than that.

From their Facebook page: "We are going back to Tahrir (Liberation) Square and we will stay there. The higher (military) council has left Mubarak's government to do what it wants."

Opposition Leader Mohamed El Baradei 

From Mohamed El Baradei, a leading opposition figure and well respected in the country and around the world, supports continued protests. He, too, is frustrated with what appears to be "cosmetic change" in the current government which he condemns as an "insult to the revolution."

From El Baradei's Twitter page: "Continued mass, peaceful protests - and the formation of a party, including those who launched the revolution - are our way to complete the journey of change. The regime will not be reformed from within the regime."

How the protesters view the current cabinet

Remember how the Prime Minister, Ahmed Shafig, said they were choosing new ministers? Well, over a week later, they are still in process and people are becoming suspicious of what may be truly transpiring behind the scenes.  This cabinet currently still in power was appointed by Mubarak and nothing has changed since Mubarak stepped down. The protesting Facebook group say they prefer a government of technocrats.

From activist Ahmed Naguib: "A conference tomorrow will announce a call for a Friday march in the millions across Egypt - and in Tahrir Square - in response to the latest changes in interim government - and to reassert the demands of the people's revolution." Naguib did admit some changes made in government posts were "some good moves toward reform and change - but still not enough."

Where does the Egyptian military stand on their progress?

The military rulers promised many changes to the constitution. They announced that the constitutional changes necessary to hold elections should be ready soon. They are fully aware that any signs the Army might renege on their promise of true civilian and democratic rule could reignite massive protests again.

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