Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt Revolution Cartoons

Check out the latest political opinions from American cartoonists about the revolution in Egypt. Adding new cartoons as they become available so check back often.

From Denny: For the past week Egypt has been on a dizzying and fast-paced course to change their history. Hopefully, this will be mostly a peaceful transition to a new democracy.

There is a lot at stake as easily one million protesters have taken to the streets. The people have organized themselves into protection groups to guard their neighborhoods and their priceless museums.

What is at stake for the rest of the world is whether the new government will be friendly toward the Western nations who need trade and oil to continue. As it stands, the Suez Canal must remain open or the price of oil will sky rocket for the world.  No one can pay those prices in this down economy.  Or will the world end up with yet another anti-social backward leaning religious autocracy like we could expect from the Muslim Brotherhood?

Fortunately, President Obama has decided to finally pressure Mubarek to resign or at least leave once there are elections in September. Frankly, I doubt Mubarek can hold on that long. The smart thing to do is for Egyptians to create a temporary government with the opposition leader of their choice until free and fair elections can be held. Mubarek is so odious to the rank and file Egyptian there is just no way he can remain.  If Obama wants to help stabilize the world economy he had better get a move on and give Mubarek "the bum's rush" before there is yet another assassination.  Convince this guy to leave now in an orderly fashion.

Check out what American cartoonists have published about this week in Egypt.

Egypt and the new anti-government revolt against Mubarek - and rampant police corruption and torture of regular citizens - occurring for 30 years:

Steve Benson

Jerry Holbert

Signe Wilkinson

Steve Benson

Jeff Stahler

Chip Bok

Bruce Beattie

Ed Stein

Steve Benson

Steve Sack

Henry Payne

Robert Ariail

Steve Sack

Lisa Benson

Robert Ariail

Paul Szep

Bill Day

Steve Benson

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