Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Social Poets: Funny Osama Bin Laden Posts, 1 Year Anniversary Dead

Jeff Stahler

The Social Poets: Funny Osama Bin Laden Posts, 1 Year Anniversary Dead: From Denny:  Today President Obama took yet another victory lap while in Afghanistan, spiking the proverbial football and crowing about how he "got" America's Number One Terrorist Boogeyman a year ago, Osama bin Laden.  Never mind the rest of us find this political boasting in an election year as really bad form, including Arianna Huffington.

Actually, it was the Navy Seals that killed the fool.  Why would a president that regularly has a hard time making any decisions go around the world crowing about how he made one decision to kill one terrorist in the comfort of the White House and well protected by thousands of bodyguards from thousands of miles away from the gore?  Come on; it has the look of election year desperation and is a bit pathetic.  It looks like the presidential version of an Elmo Happy Dance.

But hey, it's standard election year politics for both parties.  It's their job to live in a fantasy world about what is a great idea for focusing the public on all their accomplishments while in office. The objective is to distract away from what is making the public angry about the candidate's performance so the voters will forget and vote for him any way.  Yeah, Life in America.  Does it get any better?

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