Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Social Poets: John Edwards Trial: Prosecution Fail, Dirty Judge, Truth Denied

John Edwards on the TV show '.
John Edwards on the TV show '. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Social Poets: John Edwards Trial: Prosecution Fail, Dirty Judge, Truth Denied: From Denny:  For three weeks now all the prosecution has put on trial to show the jury is the ambitious political atmosphere of aides jockeying for personal power, the complete control of a candidate - and personal revenge.  What an ugly world.

In the aftermath of the 2008 political campaign and ensuing sexual scandal, aides also sought financial profit, many writing books years later.  Clearly, they have an agenda to join in the Destroy John Edwards Game of Obama and Axelrod.  This trial will become known historically as an infamous political vendetta played out on the national stage.

The Edwards Marriage

While our federal government was at it, they also decided to dissect the very sad and dramatically dying - and finally dead - Edwards' marriage.  This trial has been all about a forensic marriage audit.

I doubt there is a marriage in America that could withstand this kind of intense vicious scrutiny. Most marriages have the occasional, if not often, emotional drama of accusations, convenient lies and sometimes outright betrayals.  Marriage is based upon friction, sometimes it works to create better people, and, sometimes, that same friction destroys them.
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