Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Soul Calendar: 51 Spectacular New 2012 Super Moon Photos

Super Moon in Clouds 2012
Super Moon in Clouds 2012 - Newfoundland, Canada

The Soul Calendar: 51 Spectacular New 2012 Super Moon Photos: From Denny:  Forget what the main stream media put up for Supermoon photos.  I found some superior ones over at flickr from both amateur and professional photographers.  They also tell you how they constructed these photos or video from a series of photos.  In this post are 49 photos and two videos.

And, yeah, I like to promote photographers so any info they provided with their awesome photos is posted here too so you can purchase prints or visit their websites.  Most of these photos are All Rights Reserved, some are Creative Commons, some ask to be licensed for Getty Images.  All have embed codes available for your blog or site.  Be sure to click on the photos to take you to their flickr pages for more wonderful photography to enjoy!

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