Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Truth Journal: Russia: Putin Flies Finger Eagle to Obama About Snowden

Edward Snowden, painted portrait IMG_8815
Edward Snowden, painted portrait IMG_8815
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Abode of Chaos)

A Truth Journal: Russia: Putin Flies Finger Eagle to Obama About Snowden: From Denny:  After the cold shoulder at the G-8 Summit from just about everyone, Putin finally gets his delicious revenge.  Come on; Putin is an old Cold War KGB guy who is hanging from the chandeliers and dancing in the streets now that this coveted prize that Obama so desperately wants yesterday is in his possession.

In fact, it was President Obama who drove Edward Snowden straight into Russia's "loving" arms.  This NSA story has morphed into a perverse love story of two battling dictators in love with the mouse who possesses the laptop and thumb drive cheese running away from one into the den of the other.

After denying it yesterday, today, President Putin finally admitted he did know where Edward Snowden was located.  Putin admitted he has Snowden in the airport "transition area."  Putin also thumbed his nose at Obama with the equivalent of a huge Russian finger eagle flying high and prominent when he basically said, "F you and the horse you rode in on, Obama.  You can't have Russia's new love, Snowden." ...

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