Sunday, June 16, 2013

NSA Leaker Snowden: Time To Bring Him Home Safely Without Delay

snowden_nyc10june_DSC_0019 (Photo credit:Michael Fleshman)

A Truth Journal: NSA Leaker Snowden: Time To Bring Him Home Safely Without Delay: From Denny:  Well, for the moment the assassins were called off taking out Snowden and they sure were surprised as that was a new one to them.

War dogs don't enjoy being told to heel, especially when one group had Snowden in their cross hairs.  Snowden has some fierce warrior angels looking out for him these days.  He had better appreciate them because they are protecting him on their own time.

Adding to the international drama stupidity, the typical idiot response from China is talking openly about kidnapping Snowden to torture him for details.  Let me share a thought with China.  Kidnapping Snowden is NOT in China's best interest.

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