Monday, June 17, 2013

Navy Quartermasters have many diverse responsi...

Warriors Pearl Foundation: New Denny Lyon Design: Phone Cases, Handbags, T-Shirts, More: Fun Magic Coffee Fonts: From Denny:  Since I'm past due on posting about all my new designs the past year for Denny Lyon Gifts to benefit charities helping homeless female military veterans who were victims of sexual assaults I might as well get started today.

This was a fun design to create after drinking too much coffee one morning. :) We do so enjoy that awesome aroma every morning wafting out of the kitchen to rocket us out of bed to begin our day.  So, I just had to place it on an unexpected product choice:  handbags and wallets!

To "gild the lily" there were two more coordinating patterns if you want to experience some creative fun to mix and match.  The nautical theme is popular in fashion now as the 60's retro is back on the scene.  Of course, with my usual, sometimes off kilter art mind, I thought how cool is it to think of "navigating" our way to the welcoming waters of our morning coffee as a major achievement?...


Magic Coffee Fonts Women's All Over Print T-Shirt

* * *  Please support Warriors Pearl Foundation - contributing to fund efforts to help homeless female military veterans come home.  Visit Denny Lyon Gifts  @  -  see what's new!  

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