Monday, December 7, 2009

Denmarks Climate Change Summit Hoping to Rein in Biggest Polluters

From Denny: Well, the race is on to entice the biggest polluters in the world to dial down their emissions and soon. India, China and America are the biggest problem children in the world when it comes to dirtying the global playground. It's time we all quit squabbling and complaining and get serious about cleaning up our own houses and back yards.

What appears to be different about this particular summit is the carrot on the stick for these big populations and suffering economies: the possibility of growing their economies by reducing their carbon footprints. Denmark has already led the way to a cleaner country and a fatter wallet. Denmark has succeeded in reducing their emissions by 19% and yet growing their economy by 45%. Now that's an incentive for everyone in this depressed global economy to sit up and take notice! :) Kudos go to Denmark.

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