Friday, December 11, 2009

Alien Spiral in Norway's Nite Sky?

From Denny: The word is "the Russians did it." Others believe it's the aliens. Still others think it's about the Mayan prophesies. Supposedly, this is about a Russian test rocket. It sure looks like something else that a Russian rocket decided to challenge.

They have been researching alien sightings over Russia for decades, apparently quite spooked by it. Of course, the usual disinformation war the past few years is effective by claiming it is something other than aliens so the public won't be frightened. On the other side of the disinformation coin the previous few decades ever since the Roswell sighting is "the aliens did it" as a way to deflect away from military research and development.

Whatever it is, it sure made a big show in the nite sky over Norway while Prez Obama was visiting to receive his Nobel Peace Prize award. If it is "God writing in the sky" does anyone know the interpretation? Time will tell. Sure looks a lot like the Milky Way gone psychedelic.

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