Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Who Was This Priviledged Nigerian Terrorist?

From Denny: International investigators are busy checking out the background of bombing terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallub of Nigeria, an engineering student at school in London.

His family is cooperating fully with international agencies as it was his own father who called the American embassy to alert them to the strange behavior of his son, warning them of terrorism possibilities. As a father he was probably hoping the Americans had enough sense to pick up his son and question him - which they did not. If they had, maybe all this could have been avoided.

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What is always puzzling to family as well as outsiders is just how does a person begin the transformation from a normal person with good relationships into a terrorist? He had managed to smuggle onto the flight into America about 1/3 cup of dry explosive that looks like white sugar by wearing it in a specially made piece of underwear. So, now we know why he went to the rest room shortly before trying to ignite the bomb with a liquid detonator. There is a similar bomb detonated to show us how much force his bomb could have created.

Security missed this non-metallic version of a bomb as this was difficult to detect. Certainly, Al Qaeda is ratcheting up the security game, challenging authorities to put on their "A" game.

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