Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Assassins Security Recipe For Disaster: Obama State Dinner

From Denny: Did anyone take the security of these heads of state seriously? Heads need to roll at the top, middle management and individual agents who were lax on this detail. Somehow, protecting the President of the United States is the whole reason this agency was created. With a President who has a 400% increase in death threats against him, why was there such a cavalier attitude about his safety?

Not to mention it made America look like a bunch of Bozo the clowns falling down on the job protecting the Prime Minister of India. Yeah, I bet he really felt safe. Even my state governor, the first Indian-American to become an American governor, attended. Of course, being Republican he has turned out to be a lame politician. He spends all his time running for President in 2012, rejecting federal funds to help the unemployed in Louisiana, projects to continue rebuilding New Orleans and closing down much needed hospitals. Bet this guy was thrilled to find out he wasn't that safe after all.

And while we are on the subject of security the smart thing to do would be to station Secret Service (not the pretend kind) behind both heads of state at all times: as they move through a crowd, as they sit at the dinner. I don't care if they do look like butlers; do it. Then, as at least one agent is watching Obama's back - literally - place another agent with his back against that agent, watching his.

On to the party crashers who thought this was so very funny... They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If Democrats want respect then they need to get serious and tough with the jerks in life, making an example of them.

Any well-trained Special Forces person, posing as a party crasher, could have easily gotten so close to Obama and the Prime Minister as to kill them.

Then the worst scenario of all: A well-trained or motivated assassin could have cleaned house on the top tier of our government - President, Vice President, Speaker of the House and Chief of Staff. That would have left us with Senator Pro-tem, Senator Byrd from West Virginia to run the country, an aging 90 years plus man in poor health.

So, for the Secret Service to peddle this incident as no big deal I take serious issue. Mr. President, get tough and start firing these people from their jobs, as these big heads are too full of themselves anyway.

And while you are at it, lose the Social Secretary. What was she thinking trying to get tickets to two unconnected unknown people? They were not vetted by the FBI or the Secret Service either - unlike the majority of other well-known persons and politicians present. The Social Secretary was well advised by the General Manager of the White House who briefs and teaches every new incoming administration as to protocols and how to smoothly run an event. There are so many serious loop-holes of the obvious transgressions that this is only the beginners list.

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