Thursday, December 24, 2009

Diplomats From 15 Countries Observe Trial of Chinese Dissident

From Denny: Liu Xiaobo is one of China's most high profile and loudest dissenters. As usual, small minds reign supreme, and they are trying him for "subversion," the usual wide-ranging suspect law used to shut up people who speak the truth a little too loudly. What is he truly guilty of? Xiaobo, who is also a veteran of the 1989 protests which surely has not endeared him to the government, is also calling for an overhaul of China's one-party system. He continues to write about a desire for expanding human rights in his country.

Well, at least diplomats from 15 countries have gathered to show support. It's also a subtle veiled threat to the Chinese government to tread lightly in the area of human rights. Only time will tell if this show of support proves helpful to the dissident.

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