Tuesday, December 15, 2009

American Guns Killing in Mexican Drug Wars

Mexican Police Battle Drug Cartels with Training From America's DEA Agents

From Denny: We still continue to allow unregulated gun shows in America and, because of our lax laws, we definitely owe the folks in Mexico on a moral level of responsibility. The powerful National Rifle Association has continued to succeed avoiding regulation of gun sales at these stupid trade shows.

The drug cartels in Mexico and South America have long figured out we are asleep at the switch. They lawfully come into America and supply themselves happy with a barrage of deadly weapons that end up getting used against Mexican police forces and innocent civilians in drug cartel power fights over who controls the drug trade in their country.

Don't you think it's about time Americans speak up and demand better regulation of guns sold in America? Just how many guns does one person or household really need? Hunters only require so many and so do sports enthusiasts. After that, an arsenal does a crazy paranoid person or anarchist make.

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