Monday, December 28, 2009

Obama Tightens Choke Chain on Junkyard Dog Terrorists

From Denny: The President has ordered a complete review of our nation's air safety capabilities. Since an international flight that came in from The Netherlands, sending a terrorist complete with bomb on a flight into Detroit, Michigan, America realizes we can no longer count on other countries to take our safety seriously.

Frankly, considering America is still at war in Middle Eastern countries we should have enough sense to limit to a few airports that can accept international flights. Limiting those flights to cities like New York City, Los Angeles and a few others who are adequately prepared to deal with terrorism. Somehow, Detroit is not my idea of a place with the funds or the experience for dealing with international terrorism which is precisely why it was targeted. The good news is that terrorists have grossly underestimated the American public's courage to intervene, not waiting for the cavalry to save them.

As to another precaution, how about limiting point of departure globally into America? We could have our own profilers working the airport passengers before they board. If there are only a few cities allowed to fly from into America we could easily man them. One thing is for sure, we must get a much tighter control on who goes in and out of our borders, especially in the air.

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As much as we would like more specifics about this terrorist, just how much can the government reveal safely? Both the intelligence and justice communities have to be lobbying the President to keep a lid on the details until investigations are complete.

When a politician says they are "ordering an air safety review" that is basically "polite speak" for rattling a lot of cages overseas and in the various agencies responsible for air safety. Heads have probably already rolled or are a step away from firing if this is not satisfactorily resolved. What will come out of this incident is an acute awareness to tighten the safety net to a choke chain on a junkyard dog: Al Qaeda.

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