Sunday, December 13, 2009

Popular Posts 2009 at Dennys Global Politics List

From Denny: This blog is just a little over four months old, as it was started up in late July, since The Social Poets was getting too crowded with five posts a day sometimes! :) It's been quite something as a first year blogger. Thank you for coming along with me on the journey!

Obama Tightens Choke Chain on Junkyard Dog Terrorists

Alien Spiral in Norway's Nite Sky?

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell Honored

Replacing Political Legend and Lion of the Senate: Ted Kennedy

UKs Brown Overlooks Slain Soldiers: Again

Obamas Unwelcome Afghan Strategy, Reactions and a Lame Congress

Secret Service Blew It On State Dinner Security

Video: Prez Obama Takes Away Big Business 25 Year Wallet Candy

Video: American Soldier a Global Humanitarian Even in Death Thru Global Water Projects

Video: Hillary Clinton's Cutting Edge Digital Diplomacy

Video: Americas Republicans Losing Support Even in Bad Economy

Answer to Yesterdays Post about Whether Obama Deserved the Nobel, Note: Republican Death Threats to Bloggers Create Pushback

Everyone is Wondering What the Nobel Peace Prize Committee Saw in President Obama

5 Videos: G20 Conference Highlights, World Sanctions Against Iran, Obamas Vision, Diplomatic Security Story, How Irans People Will Fare Under New Sanctions

Video: President Obama Surprise Winner of Nobel Peace Prize

4 Videos: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Interviewed About Iran Nukes

7 Videos: Former President Bill Clinton on Meet The Press

Video: Irans Speech Rejected by United Nations Delegates, No Thanks!

2 Videos: NBC News Exclusive Interview with Britains Clueless Gordon Brown

3 Videos: Free Health Clinics Serving Middle Class America Now, Republicans Party of No Answers

Video: Palin Ordered Her Own Health Care Death Panels on the Alaskan Elderly

Video: Hispanic Sotomayor Finally Confirmed for Highest Court

4 Videos: Funny Speakers at Kennedys Irish Wake

Video: Drought Devastates Kenya, People Fighting to Stay Alive

Video: Foreign Exchange Student Scandal in United States

Video: Australias East Coast Covered in Red Dust Storm, 1st in 70 Years

This Weeks Editorial Cartoons 19 September 2009

Video: Bill Clinton Retrieves 2 Jailed U.S. Journalists From North Korea

Videos: Hidden Bank Practices Regarding Deceptive Fees
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